IFT: Suspension of procedural periods and resume of work activities

 Professional related: Carlos Orcí , Francisco Fuentes Ostos   |      July 3rd, 2020

The Federal Institute of Telecommunications:Extends the suspension of procedural periods indefinitely; and  Resume activities through remote working as a preventive measure in covid-19 crisis.


In light of the current COVID-19 international crisis, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (“IFT”) has decided to extend the suspension of procedural periods indefinitely. The procedural periods will be resumed on the date to be set forth by the IFT’s Plenum.

IFT decided to exempt from these measure certain procedures, given the possibility of processing them through electronic means, including:

1. Concentration notices;

2. Requests for general orientation in connection with the application of the Federal Economic Competition Law, as well as several regulatory procedures.

3. Procedures of a regulatory nature related to telecommunications and broadcasting services. It is noteworthy that the suspension of procedural periods does not suspend IFT’s work.

According to the decision issued by the IFT, the resume of work activities imply that:

(i) IFT employees will carry out their activities through the modality of remote working, except for those persons whose presence in IFT’s facilities is indispensable; and

(ii) as of July 1, 2020, IFT’s filing office will operate ordinarily.


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