COFECE extends suspension period

 Professional related: Carlos Orcí , Francisco Fuentes Ostos   |      July 3rd, 2020

COFECE extends the time periods suspension until july 10 as a preventive measure in COVID-19 crisis.


In light of the current COVID-19 international crisis, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus the Federal Economic Competition Commission (“COFECE”) has decided to extend the suspension period previously established from July 1 to 10, 2020. 1 Other than those determined by COFECE through its previous rulings, no additional procedures were exempted from this measure. Therefore, among the procedures that have been exempted from this measure, the following stand out:

(i) Concentration notices.

(ii) Opinions on bidding proceedings.

(iii) Issuing licenses, concessions, permits and other similar items.

(iv) Formal opinion requests in matters of free market access and economic competition.

(v) Requests for general orientation in connection with the application of the law.

(vi) The procedure for a sanction reduction benefit (Immunity Program).

(vii) The procedure for an exemption and fine reduction benefit. In connection with the procedures for relative monopolistic practices or unlawful concentrations.

(viii) Regarding the investigation procedures for relative monopolistic practices or unlawful concentrations, the term for the Plenum to issue a statement of probable responsibility or, in such case, determine the closing of the case file.

(ix) The term for the Plenum to issue the relevant resolution for such procedures on which there is no outstanding action to be carried out by either the economic agent, or the authority.

(x) The procedure to carry out the production of evidence that has already been ordered, as long as it involves the submission of documents.

(xi) Incidental procedures, proceedings followed in the form or a trial, summons for closing arguments, as well as the issuance of the file integration ruling.

(xii) All acts aiming to carry out the oral hearing set forth in the Law. COFECE’s facilities will remain opened, for submissions at all time during this period and these will be considered as submitted on the first day on which the time periods are resumed.

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