IP Authorities in Mexico issue Decrees and extends suspension of terms

 Professional related: Alejandro Díaz , Francisco Ibáñez   |      June 15th, 2020

Mexican trademark and patent office

The Mexican Trademark Office issued a Decree through which it enables the physical reception of briefs regarding litigation proceedings by assigning an appointment.

• The briefs will be considered as legally filed at the next working day that the suspension is concluded, which is not yet defined.

Mexican Copyrights Institute extended the suspension period for all deadlines

• Due to force majeure, the Mexican Copyrights Institute has extended the suspension of all deadlines and terms, until the health authority issues the necessary measures for the resumption of activities and determines that there is no epidemiological risk.

Federal Court of Administrative Justice- Specialized intellectual property high court

• The Federal Court of Administrative Justice extended the suspension of jurisdictional activities until June 30th, 2020; those days shall be considered as non-working days, thus, there will be no deadlines or terms.

• This measure will not apply for trials processed at the Specialized Intellectual Property High Court through the Online Justice System, if: I. The initial claim was filed through the Online Justice System before March 18th, 2020. II. The authority, which is a party at the trial has not suspended its activities. III. That there are no legal impediments to continue with the case, or, in case it exists, that this situation is stated in the case’s file.

• As of June 16th, 2020, there will be the possibility for Regional Courts to issue rulings and will serve the parties through the jurisdictional bulletin, enabling hours and business days for this purpose.

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