COVID-19: Additional essential economic activities

 Professional related: Claudio Jiménez de León , Rodrigo del Valle   |      August 5th, 2020

Activities considered necessary for planning the reopening of schools to be consider among the essential economic activities facing the COVID-19 sanitary contingency.

In recent dates (March 31 and April 6, 2020) the Mexican Health Ministry published and extended, by means of several decrees, a list of economic activities that are considered essential and, therefore, may continue operating within the framework of the Covid-19 health contingency (our notes regarding decrees published on previous dates can be consulted In this regard, on August 3, 2020, the Mexican Health Ministry published a new decree in the Official Gazette of the Federation by means of which the list of essential economic activities was extended (the “Decree”). The new activities which are reclassified as essential are those conducted by companies and businesses with the purpose of satisfying the need for goods and services related to the manufacture, sale and distribution of supplies, stationery products and teaching materials; uniforms, backpacks and other school supplies; electronic computing and data processing devices such as tablets, computers and calculators; as well as activities conducted by publishing houses and bookstores. 

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