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We are convinced that as a business law firm we play a key role in promoting social responsibility and sustainability.

Hence, we adopted the Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) standards as part of our ADN and integrated our ESG transactional, compliance and litigation capabilities in one single ESG practice area to advise our clients on:


  • the adoption of ESG standards,

  • the implementation of financing operations and offerings linked to sustainability,

  • the development of compliance mechanisms to identify, mitigate and manage their exposure to ESG risks and contingencies, and

  • the representation of our clients in ESG conflicts and litigation.



    ESG Compliance

    The interest of regulators, investors and other stakeholders in the proper adoption, monitoring, and reporting of ESG standards has grown significantly in the past years. At the same time, it has become clear that adhering to ESG principles requires a robust compliance framework and compliance tools to ensure the management and oversight of ESG risks and contingencies.

    To meet the specific ESG and compliance needs of our clients, we have formed a multidisciplinary team composed of expert from various practice areas including Environmental, Labor, Corporate Governance, Tax, Antitrust, Compliance and Corporate Criminal Liability, Corporate Finance, and Capital Markets.

    Our main objective is to advise our clients in all legal aspects related to the incorporation, implementation, compliance, and monitoring of ESG standards.

    What sets us apart in the market is our ability to implement compliance programs in different areas, enhancing corporate governance, risk management and dispute resolution.


    Transactions with ESG Components

    ESG is now a key differentiator in financing and capital markets transactions. Our team has been involved in some of the most innovative transactions in the market. In these transactions, we have advised clients on the adoption of ESG standards and the preparation of documentation for financing and issuance in line with international standards such as LMA's Green Loan Principles and the 2018 Green Bond Principles. 

    For example, we participated in the first issuance of a sustainability-linked bond by an airport group (OMA), the first social bond by a microfinance institution (Compartamos), one of the first green bonds issued by a housing company (Consorcio ARA), one of the first sustainability-linked bonds issued in Latin America by a non-bank financial institution (Mega), one of the first green loans in Mexico by a global retailer (Ikea), and the first green loan issued by a transportation infrastructure company (RCO).


    ESG Litigation

    Consistent with an ESG compliance strategy aimed at demonstrating our clients' governance and compliance commitments, our Firm has extensive experience in the identification, mitigation and handling of ESG litigation, including:

  • Sustainability litigation that may impact a company's ESG objectives.

  • Social and Human Rights litigation regarding discrimination, workplace harassment, rights of indigenous people, and environmental collective rights.

  • Criminal litigation related to compliance issues and serious ESG violations.
  • We represent leading companies and financial institutions in the development and implementation of ESG compliance, dispute resolution in various industries, such as mining, infrastructure, energy, finance, real estate, aviation, entertainment, among others. Our expertise includes the resolution of conflicts in specialized environmental courts, class action proceedings, environmental prosecutors, consumer rights, prosecutors, and agencies in the field of Human Rights and prevention of discrimination.


    Our Strategic Alliance

    To offer our clients a comprehensive ESG solutions, we have entered into a strategic alliance with Social Value Institute, a highly recognized ESG consulting firm, which aims to:

  • Integrate Social Value Institute's capabilities in ESG standards diagnosis, adoption, monitoring, and reporting with the Firm's transactional and compliance capabilities. 

  • Implement transactions with ESG components with a deep understanding from a legal and non-legal perspective.

  • Develop an ESG/Compliance IT platform with Social Value Institute to implement, monitor and report ESG standards, establish compliance programs aligned with our clients' ESG strategy, and mechanisms for detection, control, prevention, mitigation, and resolution of ESG contingencies and litigations.

  • Jointly participate in ESG and sustainability related programs and events to raise awareness and educate the market on the adoption of ESG standards.

    Adoption of ESG Standards by Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes


    Our Firm is in a transition period to comply institutionally with ESG standards. To achieve this goal, our partner Social Value Institute is advising us on the implementation of our ESG framework, on the integration of our Pro Bono practice into the Firm's ESG strategy and in the development and implementation of institutional compliance tools.



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       August 5th, 2022

    Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes announces integration of ESG practice area, launch of ESG/Compliance Platform and recognition of our ESG capabilities in..

    Aware of the growing interest of companies to adopt standards and promote Environmental, Social and Governance (ASG or ESG) projects in Mexico and the world, we are pleased to announce the integration of our capabilities in transactional, compliance and litigation matters in a single ESG practice..