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The Firm is committed to resolving our client’s disputes in the most effective and efficient manner. We rely on the deep understanding of our client’s business to provide the best advice on the legal and relevant commercial issues involved.


Our Arbitration experts act as arbitrators and counsel in institutional and ad-hoc arbitration proceedings and mediations; we also act as sole arbitrators, members of arbitral tribunals, arbitrators designated by governmental authorities, mediators before diverse institutions and as expert witnesses in arbitrations or mediations. Our team acquired experience in foreign jurisdictions and the most relevant arbitral institutions, including the ICC Court of International Arbitration, the Mexican Arbitration Center (CAM), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Mexican Institute of Mediation (IMM) and the Mediation Panels (Neutrals) of the International Trademark Association (INTA).  


Our Arbitration practice advises domestic and international companies, financial institutions, government bodies and foreign lawyers on commercial disputes, and the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration and mediation as a way to solve them. Over the years, our Arbitration team has successfully handled highly sensitive and complex arbitration matters.