The Federal Institute of Telecommunications extends the suspend time periods

 Professional related: Carlos Orcí , Francisco Fuentes Ostos , Pilar Mata   |      April 6th, 2020

I. MEASURES ADOPTED A In light of the current COVID-19 international crisis, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus Federal Telecommunications Institute (“IFT”) has decided to extend the time period and labor suspension previously established from April 2 to 30, 2020. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, to try to contain the economic impact on the country’s economy and particularly to telecom and broadcasting sectors, IFT has decided to exempt from these measures two additional procedures to those already excluded in its previous ruling. II. EXCEPTIONS Thus, the following procedures are exempt from the measures: (i) Request for registration of rates in the Concessions Public Registry, through the Tariff Registry Electronic System, for the public using telecommunication services; (ii) Electronic request for authorization of rates for final users of telecommunication services to final users, applicable to the preponderant economic agent and economic agents with substantial market power in the telecommunications sector; (iii) Request for registration in the Concessions Public Registry; (iv) Request for authorization of assignments of rights to geographical and non-geographical numbering; (v) Filing of complaints related to the provision of telecommunication services; (vi) Attention to matters related to harmful interference and other irregularities and disturbances arising in the systems employed for the provision of telecommunication and broadcasting services;

(vii) Procurement proceedings related to public bidding and invitations to bid made to at least three persons with regards to acquisitions, leases and services; (viii) The approval of reference offers regarding wholesale telecommunications, capacities, functions and infrastructure services provided by the wholesale shared networks; and (ix) Rates’ and promotions’ amendments registration requests with the Concessions Public Registry made by the concessionaires providing wholesale telecommunications. As per the decision issued by the IFT, the time period and labor suspension imply that IFT facilities will remain closed, without the possibility of carrying out promotions during this period.

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